Passion for music

Violinmaker Wilfried Ramsaier-Gorbach in 1010 Vienna

Trenner mit f-Loch

Born in Stuttgart, I completed the "Gymnasium" with graduation;

Completed further education at the "Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Musikinstrumentenbau" (technical college for musical instrument fabrication) in Mittenwald, Germany; from 1992 assistant to violinmaker and restorer Otmar Lang at the Musikverein, Vienna; master craftsman's examination ("Meisterprüfung") in 1995 in Vienna;

Workshops in the following areas: bow restoration with bow craftsman Hans Karl Schmid; and pin block, bass bar, bridge with violin maker Ingeborg Benke at the technical college in Markneukirchen.

New construction course on instrument copies with master violinmaker Jürgen von Stietencron in Ascon.

Since 2002 I have been self-employed after having taken over the oldest (1871) still existing workshop located in the building of the “Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde” (Society of Music Friends) in Vienna from Otmar Lang.