Violinmaker Wilfried Ramsaier-Gorbach -
1010 Vienna

Welcome to the "Atelier im Musikverein" studio for violinmaking!

From Wood to Music

Violinmaker Wilfried Ramsaier-Gorbach in 1010 Vienna

At my studio for violinmaking you will find a vast number of bow string instruments and bows of different quality levels, as well as a broad assortment of accessories.

All instruments ranging from the student's instrument to state-of-the art master instruments were completed and made ready for performance at my studio by qualified personnel and/or tested for its playability.

Trenner mit f-Loch

Violin repair and restoration

The focus of my workshop activities is both on repairs of all sorts and restoration and tone setting of your string instrument, as well care and maintenance.

This also includes care of the bow, which can be rehaired or repaired even at short notice.


Thanks to my membership in a number of different luthier associations and the resulting regular exchange of experiences and interaction, I have kept up to date with the latest repair and restoration methods. Repairs are always conducted in line with the uniqueness of the character of the instrument in question, with a central issue being the protection of the original material and allowing for a true-to-the-original restoration of the instrument.

Out of love for instruments


Do you got any further questions? Reach out to me with the inquiry or call
+43 1-504 22 69.

Wilfried Ramsaier-Gorbach - Geigenbau und Geigenreparatur im Atelier im Musikverein in 1010 Vienna